What is Peaceful Juncture?

Many ancient peoples were fascinated with the concept of worlds between worlds. Shorelines were sacred junctures where land, sea and sky met. To this day these geographic places remain sacred and transitional places where one can gaze outwards, wander in deep meditation, or journey inwards in silence to connect to the ancestral roots of our past. The purpose of Peaceful Juncture is to connect to that sacred place within and without. A place where one can sit and reflect upon what is to come and what has transpired. It is within this place where one can set things aside (whether positive or negative, balanced or unbalanced) and allow oneself to laugh, cry, dance, explore or just breathe. It is within this place where one can feel safe and comforted. It is through darkness we understand the light and through the light we understand the darkness. It is through the acceptance of both that we discover balance. The seasons change as a reflection of every aspect of our lives, allowing us to live a life more connected to and grounded in nature, the elements and the emotional landscapes of nature-based spiritual practices. It is in living a life of nature-based spirituality where we connect to the cycles and seasons of nature in all aspects of daily life throughout the ever-changing Wheel of the Year. 

​The Peaceful Juncture Logo was created to represent...

  • earth, air, fire, water and spirit 
  • the realms of land, sky and sea 
  • the seasonal changes of The Wheel of the Year
  • holistic living and healing
  • the world tree and tree of life
  • the sun and moon 
  • the stars, planets and universe
  • nature-based spiritual practices
What is sound healing?

Throughout our daily lives we are exposed to sounds that are out of resonance with our natural and healthy state of being and when we are exposed to these sounds, we experience a high level of stress within our bodies. Surrounding ourselves with peaceful soothing sounds allows our stress levels to drop, moving us towards a more natural state of health and balance.

Clearing and balancing with sound healing may release physical, emotional and energetic blockages in the body, allowing a deep sensation of rejuvenation, nurturing and relaxation. Studies have shown that through sound healing, many ailments have been relieved such as PTSD, pain, depression, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and insomnia.

A sound bath is deeply rejuvenating and provides relaxation and self-discovery in a friendly, safe and compassionate environment using the subtle vibrations and beautiful healing energies of quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls,  wind and chau gongs, rain sticks, rattles, shakers, ocean drums, spirit drums, frame drums, thunder drums, tuning forks, Koshi chimes, harmony balls, the drone of the shruti box, electronic soundscapes of nature or vocal toning and mantras. ​ 

A sound bath may be supported with meditation, visualization and chakra balancing, giving the participant the opportunity to release energy that is no longer serving them. This release naturally moves the body into deeper states of healing, relaxation and heightened awareness. The passive nature of sound baths offers you the opportunity of inward self-discovery, allowing you to explore your personal journey, heal at your own pace and guides you to where you need to be.

The instruments are played from one place but occasionally if there is safe walking space they are brought around the room and played over the body. The session closes with at least five minutes of personal meditative silence to allow for reflection, giving the participant a deeper appreciation for silence. 

Most people lie down during a sound bath but chairs are also provided if you experience body discomfort or back problems and cannot lie on the floor. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, drink water and eat light before the session. Occasionally I may invite you into different restorative yoga poses if it is necessary to add comfort to your journey. The room may be darkened and eye pillows are used to create a peaceful calm environment that heightens the sense of hearing. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep during a sound bath and it may also be used as a meditation. Mats, cushions, blankets and eye pillows will be provided but please bring any personal items that you feel will give you comfort during your journey.